Double Thickness Range

The DOUBLE THICKNESS RANGE is made from a double layer of 40 micron sheet. This produces an 80 micron thick bag which makes them the thickest bags on the market. They have a melt down time of between 45 and 120 seconds. For anglers fishing abroad or in very deep lakes these bags are simply the best option. They are produced by The Fishing Bag from high-quality PVA sheet that is manufactured in the UK. The sheet is non-toxic and completely safe for both fish and the environment. Each bag comes with a unique card insert and is lightly dusted with a food grade powder, preventing the bags from ever sticking together. The card also acts as a funnel speeding up the filing process.

Small Size 90 x 60mm
Medium Size 110 x 70mm
Large Size 120 x 90mm
Tubes Size 180 x 65mm

Doublr Thickness Range